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Nobody’s Dad!

The way, the truth and the life!

As I was quietly musing, one lonely Father’s Day,
I thought of sons and daughter, and how we used to play;
Alone as I was sitting, and quietly wondering why,
I find myself alone, just left alone to die.

I’m nobody’s Dad, I’m nobody’s Dad,
Just left alone and feeling so sad;
No daughter’s kisses, and none from the lads,
None of them want me, I’m nobody’s Dad.

Many fathers see their children, at least once a while,
It sure don’t cost them nuthin’ to give him just a smile;
But here I sit on Father’s Day, alone and sad and blue,
Just wondering what it is, this old Dad has got to do.

I’m nobody’s Dad, I’m nobody’s Dad,
Just left alone and feeling so sad;
No daughter’s kisses, and none from the lads,
None of them want me, I’m nobody’s Dad.

(For all the Dad’s who are lonely today, on ‘Father’s Day’ – And the message? Don’t forget your dear old Dad).

And my apologies to Hank Snow for murdering his lovely song!


(©️James R Hamilton, June 2018)

England Swings!

The way, the truth and the life!

England swings like a pendulum do,
Mopeds and riders two by two;
Westminster Abbey, the tower of Big Ben,
Nobody’s safe, not even the children.

England swings like a pendulum do,
Bobbies on bikes,? Well, yeah, they used to;
Car thieves and Jihadis, you could come a cropper,
And you might not see the sign of a London copper.

England swings like a pendulum do,
Depends, of course, where you choose to go?
London City, or maybe Birmingham?
But, you might get to thinking, you’re in Pakistan.

England swings like a pendulum do,
No, it simply just ain’t true;
Children frolicking, in the grass?
Man, that’s the stuff they smoke now – alas!

England’s swing is long, long gone,
It’s glory once, that brilliantly shone;
So if you huff and puff and save the bucks,
Go somewhere else and feed the ducks.

(©️James R Hamilton, June 2018)

My Filthy Rags!

The way, the truth and the life!

Filthy rags, filthy rags,
Nothing but tatters and filthy rags,
My service to God over these many years,
So little’s been done with brokenness and tears.

Prayers have been uttered from a prayerless heart,
Oh, give me again, Lord, a broken heart;
Keep me clinging, ever to thy cross,
Jesus, in thee I shall never suffer loss.

In all my suffering and service to thee,
Not an ounce can I offer, not one single plea;
Thy blood dear Lamb, and thy righteousness,
My only merit, my beauteous dress.

So flood my soul with descending grace,
Let thy heavenly spring flow apace;
Sparkling like crystal, clear from above,
Flow through my life and abound with your love.

© James R Hamilton – Written 17 March 2018
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Evolution is a Lie!



Evolution is a lie,
Some people they ask me, why;
Science, science is what I hear them cry,
But even this they do, not knowing why.

Science’s good, a conceptual tool,
But not for truth an absolute rule;
Your reasoning can be wrong, totally fail,
Even lead you down to hell.

Truth is eternal, it has always been,
And it doesn’t come because of what you’ve seen;
Senses are good but you must not lean,
For truth, on theories, devised by men.

Info is good but is never found in a lump of matter,
But in an intelligent mind, a divine Creator;
From the mind of a person a glorious Saviour,
For wisdom and knowledge, he’s the only source of such wonderful treasure.

Laws abound, of nature, logic and love,
Surely all such’s from heaven above;
From the mind of God revealed in love,
So we could rule, and for his glory live.

So evolution is a lie,
Upon it, you must not rely;
Or in sin, you will die,
God’s Word is the truth, on that, you must rely.

(© Jimmy Hamilton aka The Street Preacher, 24th June 2017)

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The way, the truth and the life!

Behold, a rider, upon a white horse,
T’was the man, the man, yes, the one from the cross;
He’s carrying a bow, and he’s wearing a crown,
Going forth to conquer, all forces of evil to put them down.

He’s majestic and mighty, and shining all bright,
The Faithful True witness, with his sceptre of right;
He rules from his kingdom, all glorious above,
To conquer men’s hearts by the power of his love.

His crown is all glorious, declaring he’s Lord,
All power in the heaven’s and on the earth to spend;
To the uttermost parts of the globe he treads,
His gospel of grace awakening the dead.

From China to Russia, Africa, the West,
Nothing can stop him, for he’s both Lord and Christ;
He’s come for his people, he reigns for their good,
No army, no war, no powerful force, Jehovah! He’s God

And I looked, and behold, a white horse!
Galloping, galloping to win those yet lost,
Its invincible Rider, Almighty King Jesus, he ever lives,
And for all those who trust him, eternal life he gives.

(© James R Hamilton, written 27 March 2017)
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