Romish Evangelical Worship!

We must acknowledge that we live in an age in which Christianity today shares many similarities with the Roman Catholic Church. Scripture today is not considered to be sufficient for either out theology or for our worship. In fact, we see how the lack of theological foundations for theology has led to a virtual free-for-all in the worship of Protestant churches in our day. For example, where do the Scriptures tell us to pray the sinner’s prayer to receive salvation? The theology of free-will, whether in its full-blown Arminian or Evangelical versions, led to the practice of revivalism and altar calls.

Another example: Where is the Church of Jesus Christ commanded by Christ or his apostles to use visual, tangible elements in worship, whether in the form of drama or multimedia presentations, not to mention the idol of music without which would empty most Protestant churches in the West? These practices stem from a lack of confidence that in the Scriptures we find exactly and in great detail how we are to worship the God who has made and saved us. Because of man-made inventions in worship, no matter how good the intention, Protestant worship today has more in common with Rome than with historic Protestantism.

(James R Hamilton, written October 2020)
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