Rule Britannia!

If Britain first at heaven’s command,
Arose from out some hazy sky;
She now appears by heaven damned,
Ready now, to fall down and die.

Our guardian angels once sang with pride,
With voices loud, a heavenly strain;
Are all struck dumb, their sound has died,
At a nation left, without a brain.

They sang we’d never, never be slaves,
A land so great, a land so free!
Alas, she sinks beneath those waves,
Down and down, into her slavery.

Rule Britannia! Proud Britannia rules the waves,
Along with this song, her glory has gone,
No longer to flourish, to conquer her foes
Heaven’s favour it seems has long been withdrawn.

O proud Britannia, once so mighty and great,
Shall Heaven come, that grace once more to give?
Lord Jesus, come, and break our nation’s heart,
Beneath Thy cross, in faith to turn and live!

(©️ Jimmy Hamilton aka The Street Preacher.

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