A Biblical Warrant for Street-Preaching!

There are those who are opposed to and that includes not for, street-preaching, who would argue that there is no biblical warrant for such a ministry? I would ask them to think again. In Luke’s gospel, we have the words and therefore the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ himself. “But into whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you not, go your ways out into the streets of the same, and say…” (Luke 10:10). In verse one Jesus sends not just his twelve apostles, but seventy of his followers to preach. You could argue that the twelve apostles were the ordained ones, at a stretch. But truth be told none of them was sent by a local instituted church. They were sent directly by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. The New Testament canon did not exist at this point in redemptive history. What were the instructions of Christ to these men? He sent them in two’s which is wise, a man in Satan’s territory needs someone to watch his back. Alas, some of us would never get anything done at all if we had to wait for a backup. The instructions? Firstly: They were to pray for other labourers (v2). Because the work is great. Second: They had to go trusting, in faith (v3), because they were going amongst wolves. They would be faced with great hostility, something many of our fine pulpiteers today know nothing of. Ultimately, they must trust the Lord of the harvest to watch their backs. Third: They were to willingly accept whatever hospitality was offered to them as well earned (v7). Fourth: They were instructed as to what to preach, i.e., the kingdom of God (v9). They could do so because the King himself had come, he was, “nigh unto them” near them that is. Fifth: They were to preach, warning the people of the catastrophic judgment that would be visited upon despisers of their message (v16). They were to give examples, of past judgments, such as Sodom and others. This, I remind you is on the streets, amid the general public. No, not in the comfort of a local church building where all are supposedly “Christian” where such preaching is seldom heard in today’s apostate Christendom. My point being that to argue that such a ministry is not biblical is hardly intelligent. And to argue further that all preaching should be reserved for churches and pulpits is certainly not justifiable from the Bible. And to argue that seventy men who had never been to a seminary, had only sat under one Minister, and for a short space of time, were hardly qualified for such a task, doesn’t fit the biblical record here. These men had only heard him, Christ, they had no church membership, no college or seminary degrees, they had never been laid hands on by other men. Oh, and they had never been baptised. And finally, in the darkness of an apostate Israel such as these men were sent into, who in their right mind could argue that such is not needed in the ever-increasing apostasy of Europe today? I pray, “Lord, please, raise up not seventy, but seventy times seventy such preachers in my nation today, and send them out on to the streets. Amen.”

(©️ Jimmy Hamilton aka The Street Preacher.

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2 thoughts on “A Biblical Warrant for Street-Preaching!

  1. Liz

    Thanks Mr. Hamilton. I pray for you often & your preaching is reaching souls a long way from UK. Shame on the book-selling “pulpiteers” who never face hostility for Christ. Your you-tubes are gold

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