Spurgeon: Where Shall We Find Infallibility?

This is from the last sermon that Charles Spurgeon preached to pastors. For a while Spurgeon had drifted into using the English Revised Version. But then he came to a realization, and he preached this sermon.

“Believe in the inspiration of Scripture, and believe it in the most intense sense …. If this book be not infallible, where shall we find infallibility? …. Are these correctors of Scripture infallible? Is it certain that our Bibles are not right, but that the critics must be so? Now … when you have read your Bible, and have enjoyed its precious promises, you will have, to-morrow morning, to go down the street to ask the scholarly man at the parsonage whether this portion of the Scripture belongs to the inspired part of the Word, or whether it is of dubious authority …. “All possibility of certainty is transferred from the spiritual man to a class of persons whose scholarship is pretentious … who do not even pretend to spirituality. We shall gradually be so bedoubted and becriticized, that only a few of the most profound will know what is the Bible, and what is not, and they will dictate to the rest of us. I have no more faith in their mercy than in their accuracy: they will rob us of all that we hold most dear … “This same reign of terror we shall not endure, for we still believe that God revealeth himself rather to babes than to the wise and prudent, and we are fully assured that our own old English version of the Scriptures is sufficient for plain men for all purposes of life, salvation, and godliness.”

(Charles H. Spurgeon, “The Greatest Fight in the World”).


(James R Hamilton, July 2019)
Sermon Audio

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