The Wonderful Works of God!

Knowledge of creation is not absurd. It is not nonsense. It is not irrational. On the contrary, evolution, whether atheistic or in its guise as theistic, is absurd. Simply as an intellectual theory, it is absurd. It is the great hoax. The marvellous creature of man does not accidentally develop from a frog. The inanimate cannot become life, regardless of the multiplication of aeons in order the impress the doubter. Only because it is the folly of the rebellion of fallen, sinful mankind against the Creator does evolution pass for wisdom in the world.
Believers know creation. They know the doctrine by faith, which faith receives God’s revelation of how the world, including mankind, came into existence. The creed begins its confession of creation with the words, “We believe” (Belgic Confession, Art 12). Faith always has the testimony of scripture as its content. Scripture speaks: “God created.” Faith listens. Knowledge of creation is not a matter of science, modernity, and intellectual ability. It is the spiritual matter of faith that receives scripture as the word of God.
Neither is the source of the knowledge of creation modern, scientific theory, deceptively disguised as general revelation. It is popular in Christian circles effectively to set aside the biblical explanation of creation in the name of general revelation. There is a making known of himself as the Creator by God through the creation and its creatures. This is a revelation of himself by God distinguished from his particular or special revelation of himself, which is by the gospel and to the elect only. Romans 1:18-32 teaches that God makes known himself in his eternal power and Godhead to all humans and that he does this by means of the world that he has created. But the passage also teaches that the effect of this revelation of himself to the unbeliever is that he immediately holds the truth of God in unrighteousness. He changes the glory of God into something shameful.
There is no saving effect of this general revelation. Indeed, there is no positive effect whatever. Nor is this the purpose of God in making himself known by creation. On the contrary, God’s purpose with general revelation to the unbelievers is that they are “without excuse.” General revelation will never move the unbelieving scientist to confess God as the Creator of the universe. It cannot. Only the revelation of the gospel of scripture will do this and can do this.
Also the believer knows God by general revelation. That is, the creation will declare to him that God is the creator of the universe and that this God is God of almighty power and great wisdom. To the believer, general revelation is subservient to the revelation of scripture. It will never contradict the revelation of scripture. As article 2 of the Belgic Confession states, “God makes himself more clearly and fully known to us by his holy and divine word,” that is, more clearly and fully than he makes himself known, even to the believer, in creation. It is a mistake, indeed a slight of scripture, to set the revelation of scripture aside in the interest of general revelation. But general revelation must be seen in the light of scripture.
Not the findings of alleged scientific investigations determine for the Reformed Christian the manner of creation, but only the clear testimony of holy scripture. Besides, scientific investigation, masquerading as general revelation, cannot speak to the manner of creation in any case. The manner of creation was a wonder. It is therefore inaccessible to scientific investigation. How can science with all its instruments, experiments, and analyses get hold of the wonder of, “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” (Genesis 1:3)?
It is with the manner of creation as it was with the incarnation and virgin birth of Jesus. No medical doctor, with all his superb training, scientific expertise, and natural theory of conception and birth, examining Jesus immediately after his birth could have determined the manner of his conception and birth. Nor could he have disproved scientifically that the Child was virgin conceived and born. The conception of Jesus belongs to the category of the wonder. General revelation does not reach to the wonder. Only faith that hears the word of God, special revelation, can know the wonder. So it is with the manner of creation.
God alone can, and does, explain his great deeds. He does so by his word. The word accompanies the deed. Faith receives the word, and thus faith, and faith alone, knows the wonderful works of God. “We believe.”

By Prof D Engelsma, “The Belgic Confession of Faith (Vol 1)

Belgic Confession, The – volume 1

(James R Hamilton, May 2019)
Sermon Audio

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