The Sufficiency of Scripture!

“We believe that these Holy Scriptures fully contain the will of God, and that whatsoever man ought to believe, unto salvation, is sufficiently taught therein…For since it is forbidden to add unto or take away anything from the word of God, it doth thereby evidently appear that the doctrine is thereof is most perfect and complete in all respects” (Article Seven, Belgic Confession of Faith).

“The error of adding to the scripture that the Confession could see only dimly in the sect of the Anabaptists characterises the contemporary movement known as neo-Pentecostalism or the Charismatic movement. By its doctrine of continuing revelation of God’s will in extraordinary, extra-scriptural operations of the Holy Ghost, the charismatic movement commits itself to doctrines and practices that “add unto…the word of God.”

The inescapable implication of the charismatic movement is that scripture is not “most perfect and complete in all respects.” The Spirit of the charismatic movement does not work through scripture and on behalf of scripture, scripture alone. Rather, the charismatic movement’s spirit works independently of scripture, alongside of scripture, and above scripture. It is not the biblical Spirit. For this reason alone, ignoring the doctrinal heresies, the unregulated worship, the emotional frenzy, and the lack of discipline of the movement, the Reformed faith is not open to the charismatic movement but opposed to it. In obedience to the command of God in 1John 4:1, which the Confession quotes, that the church try the spirits, whether they are of God, the Reformed believer has tried the spirit of the charismatic movement and has found that it is not “of God.”

From “The Belgic Confession, A Commentary” Prof David Engelsma.

(James R Hamilton, April 2019)
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