Snakes Alive!

Snakes alive!
I’m nearly seventy-five;
I’ll soon be gone,
It won’t be long.

The year I was born, in ’44,
We’d just done won the war;
Rule Britannia we sang wi’ lust,
An under wur breath, the Gerries we’d cuss.

Our hearts were filled wi’ wonderful glee,
Now we can live and be really free;
We’d crossed the Rhine at an awful cost,
Our blood-gained liberty must’nae be lost.

Alas, we forgot, the enemy within,
Political doctors with their evil spin;
Had already begun their lies to weave,
Our nation to con and badly deceive.

Nothin’ to pay, just trust in the State,
Unaware of the enemy at the gate;
Benefits galore, a free-for-all,
Slowly but surely we began to fall.

Now we’re no longer free to think,
Unless of course your colour’s pink;
Lessons in algebra took a new twist,
LGBT equals free, don’t dare to resist.

Totalitarian? In the land of the free?
Who’d imagine, how could this be?
In the year I was born, in ’44,
It wasn’t really the end of the war.

The fight began in a place called Eden,
A battle’s that’s raged in each generation;
Forgetting God and believing the lie,
A nation is lost and bound to die.

Snakes Alive!
I’m nearly seventy-five;
Soon from this earth and glad to be,
Home in heaven, at peace, and truly free.

(©️ James R Hamilton, April 2019)
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