Romeward Bound!

“Today’s Evangelicalism is overrun with Romish teachings. Man is justified by faith and faithfulness, by faith and faith’s fruits, which are obedience. Or, man is justified now by faith alone but justified in the end by faith and something more.

A sad but striking illustration of this is Bethlehem Baptist’s, John Piper. Piper involves himself in Rome’s error when, in a foreward promoting another man’s book on justification, he says, “Be sure you hear this carefully and precisely” He says right with God by faith alone, not attain heaven by faith alone. There are other conditions for attaining heaven, but no others for entering a right relationship to God. In fact, one must already be in a right relationship with God by faith alone in order to meet the other conditions.” According to Piper, faith alone justifies, but other conditions he fulfils get him to heaven. No works are conditions for justification, but works are conditions for other aspects of salvation, in this case, glorification.

Piper writes this in his foreword to Thomas Schreiner’s Faith Alone: The Doctrine of Justification. This book that Piper promotes contains the same error. But the subtitle of the book is What the Reformers Taught…And Why It Still Matters and is one of a series on “The Five Solas” of the Reformation. That is, the book purports to teach Reformation theology but is, in fact, an attack on Reformation theology. It is endorsed by Albert Mohler, Jr. and the whole series is praised by Michael Horton. Is one permitted to wish that these men wrote the endorsements without reading the books? But who would do that? And these are the teachers of those few on the most conservative side of Evangelicalism still interested in reading theology.”

From an article by Prof Barry Gritters
Published in ‘The Standard Bearer” April 1st 2019 Volume 95 No 13

(James R Hamilton, March 2019)
Sermon Audio

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