The people of Britain were given a vote,
About that, there is no doubt;
The people voted, we want to leave,
Europe’s rulers just rob and thieve.

Brexit! Was the people’s choice,

They said with one resounding voice;
But people’s votes don’t count for a toss,
The House of Commons, them’s the boss.

So voting just a waste of time,

Not worth a nickel, not even a dime;
When it comes around, to vote again,
Remember in your vote there is no gain.

Don’t waste your, don’t vote again,

Ignore the ticket, just simply abstain;
If in the Union we are to stay,
Make sure the cowards are made to pay.

When the State’s defied it’s people’s mind,

Because they lack the courage, have no spine;
The nation’s left at this historical juncture,
To the mercy of the drunken fool, Juncker.

For Granny Merkel and all her crows,

Will make you pay dear, seeking them to overthrow;
They’ll turn the knife, and suck your blood,
And make you double for all your food.

Brexit’s come and Brexit’s gone, gone, gone,

Rule Brittania we once sang when young;
Brittain never, never will be slaves,
Now, alas, we’re chained to these European knaves.

(©️ James R Hamilton, March 2019)