The Antichrist!

It is only through Scriptural light that we can fully know the character and work of the Antichrist; and to this light it is of vital importance that we give heed, for we are forewarned that he will present himself to men under an aspect best fitted to deceive. Those who despise the prophetic word, and not believing in his appearing, will be attracted and fettered by the power of his person; and those whose conception of him is as that of an open blasphemer of God, a bitter enemy of all religion, detestable because of his vices, will not discern him should he appear as a saviour of society and a religious leader.

It is only through the attentive study of the Scriptures, and its prophetic outlines of the future, and especially of Paul (2Thessalonians 2:2), that we can be kept from fatal misconceptions. He who sits himself in the temple of God, “shewing himself that he is God,” is not, as is often said, one who compels the world to pay him Divine homage by brute violence; it is done voluntarily. That he can present himself to men as the object of Divine honour, and receive it, shows a community of belief already existing between him and his worshippers. They see in him the representatives of their own religious ideas.

He will not come as a spectre of the night, but as an angel of light, the morning star of a new day; and the age that will welcome and worship him will not think itself to be irreligious, but the most religious of all the ages. In him the modern spirit will find its truest representative and exponent. We believe that he will be regarded by his generation as the highest type of our developed humanity, the noblest embodiment of its dignity, its “consummate flower.” He will be recognised as a natural king of men, and his kingdom, rising grandly before the world, will be welcomed as the full evolution of the democratic idea, the realisation of popular aspirations, the end of social strife, the unity of nations, the natural outcome and highest product of our civilisation, and the goal of human history. It will be welcomed by the multitude as the long promised “Kingdom of God.”

As per our Lord, so with him. There is a “fulness of time” for his appearing, and this will not be until the antichristian leaven has spread throughout Christendom. Then will be the final test of Christian faith and discernment.

(©️James R Hamilton, November 2018)
Sermon Audio

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