Molech’s Fires Still Burn!

The voices of children they cry from the womb,
Unwanted by parents and facing their doom;
In the name of abortion sentenced to death,
Long before they’ve taken their very first breath.
Mamas’, don’t kill us we promise to be good,
We’ll grow up just fine and do what we should;
To live, to live is their God-given choice,
They all of them echo, with one single voice.

Mothers and fathers you must understand,
The life of your child’s protected by God’s command;
The Mother’s of Molech who surrendered their seed,
To be slain in his fires, they sinned indeed.
“Do not do this,” said the Giver of life,
To slaughter your kids by the surgeon’s knife.
What shall it take to open your eyes,
And the ears of the State, to here these kids cries.

A licence to kill with funds on demand,
This now is what our Government’s planned;
To fuel the fires of Molech’s whoredom,
This is our modern world’s godless wisdom;
To live or die’s just a political game,
That has brought on our nation, nothing but shame;
While the children cry from their mother’s womb,
Unwanted by any, just awaiting their doom.

When will this slaughter come to an end?
Men-slayers shall all, be finally condemned;
God’s book will be opened and all be revealed,
Their carcasses strewn o’er the potter’s field;
A field of blood, for those strangers to God,
For their pieces of silver, comes the final reward;
No mercy was shown, now none shall be given,
In the fires of Hell, they’ll reap what they’ve sown.

(©️ James R Hamilton, September 2018)

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