God’s Goodness!

In our baptism form, we read that, the Father will also, “provide us with all good, and avert all evil from us, or turn it to our profit.” Of all good! What does this mean? From the common viewpoint of our selfish natural life, good is only what satisfies our desires and soothes our passions. Those things of which our narrow and foolish mind approves are considered as profitable. Man says this way is right when he tempts his sensual eye. Man says this drink is good when this drink satiates his lusts.

However, from the spiritual, that is, divine, viewpoint, good is something completely different. It is that which the mind of God approves of as good and his word confirms as such. Good is only that which agrees with the purpose for which it was created. It is good when it takes the place that God has appointed and is of the same mind as the choir that untiringly sings God’s praises. Because, creation, before it was violated and ruined by the eruption of sin, fulfilled this purpose, therefore, the Lord God saw that is was very good.

This should also be our viewpoint. There is a natural good that has still kept its place and remained faithful to its calling in this tarnished creation. But there is also a higher spiritual and moral good that forces its way towards God’s glorification, even through evil, if there is no other way.

By B. Wielenga

(James R Hamilton, June 2018)


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