The way, the truth and the life!

Faith is the great and singular gift of God, by which we are made sons of God (John 1:12), and it is the feeling, experience, and true knowledge of God our Father who is good, perfect, powerful and wise: and who for the love of himself has chosen us for his children, saving and redeeming us through our Saviour, Jesus.

And, therefore, not doubting anything of the sacred promises of God, nor what he said through the fulness of his Holy Spirit: but strengthened and confirmed by the word of him who cannot lie against every opinion, against every experience, against every human understanding, judging and holding firmly to that which God has said: and assure by the immutable truth and illuminated by the true light, it fears nothing. And without any doubt, it holds firm. And whatever it believes, it embraces through the sacred promises, standing powerfully armed against all enemies, over whom it gains the victory (Mark 10:52) because nothing is impossible to it. All that which it requires it obtains, and cannot fail, because it is, and “lives by the Word of God” (Romans 10:5, 17; Mark 11:23-24). And all that which is not in this faith (that is to say, according to the knowledge of the Word) is sin. Faith is not able to draw towards any other than to God, nor is it able to receive that which is not from God. Everything is nothing to him but God, nothing but what pleases God and his voice, And, therefore, fixed upon him only, it cannot be confounded: but perfectly obtains that which it believes and hopes for.

(From, William Farel’s “Summary”).

(©️James R Hamilton, May 2018)


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