Sin & its Effects!

The way, the truth and the life!

“The take of modern theologians on sin (no names and no pack drill) is of great concern to me. It seems that gradually, bit by bit, more and more the bar is being lifted to allow more and more sin to pass untreated. The modern tendency it seems is for many of these men not just to be theologians, teaching that is from pulpit or Seminary desk. No, now they have to have their own worldwide ministries with conferences, other renowned preachers on board, events, blogs, books, and an ever-increasing popularity. The number of ever so gifted ‘popular’ expositors I have seen fall in my time is astonishing. Is it this popularity that lies at the root of the problem? For it seems that when once you have it you must need bit by bit, almost imperceptibly to some, broaden the path in order to keep it. And so when it becomes very unpopular to inveigh against a particular sin, it must become very hard to swim against the tide and clearly declare that sin to be what it is, sin. My desire is not to put the knife into individual theologians or preachers or ministries, (many who have been a great help to me personally), God will deal with them. It’s the theological issues and the outworkings of them in the lives of many ordinary people, Christian and non-Christian alike. When the issue of sin is fudged and people are fed a false assurance their eternal souls are being put in danger. I know of no better remedy than for us to get back to the teaching of the old Puritans, especially when it comes to the doctrine of sin. Yes, they make for difficult reading but so, so richly rewarding. For example, John Owen’s “Sin & Temptation” would blow the modern teaching on sin out of the water, but it is so very needful for this superficial age. The very motion, the inclination to sin is sin and is to be mortified, killed, or it will kill you. Do you want to know how to preach the gospel? Go back to those Puritans, they will teach you. Friends, sin is sin, it is deadly, get rid of it, all of it before it gets rid of you.”

(© James R Hamilton, September 2017)
Sermon Audio

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