The Sabbath Rest!

The way, the truth and the life!

It is the argument of atheists that the state should have nothing to do with personal behaviour. Marriage law (until recently upheld by ‘Christian’ countries) stands on the same basis in Genesis 2 as does the seven-day cycle. Both should be upheld by governments. That contempt for God and the ten commandments brings judgments on nations is a clear truth in Scripture. And the common form of such judgment is the removal of spiritual blessings (2Chronicles 36:17-21; Jeremiah 17:27; Lamentations 2:6; Ezekiel 22:26-31). An observation that William Hewitson once made in Germany has universal application: ‘Germany tells me, that if Scotland loses her Sabbaths, she will lose along with them her religion and her God.’ Some believe that for Christians to bear witness to the fourth commandment in an unsympathetic world would be to impede evangelism. The reverse has tragically proved to be true. Bishop Ryle understood what would happen in England if Sunday became as any other day: “Break down the fence which now surrounds the Sunday, and our Sunday Schools will soon come to an end. Let in the flood of worldliness and pleasure-seeking on the Lord’s Day, without check or hindrance, and our congregations will soon dwindle away. There is not too much religion in the land now. Destroy the sanctity of the Sabbath, and there will soon be far less…It would be a joy to the infidel, but it would be an insult and offence to God.” It is true that civil law can only restrain public disregard for the Lord’s Day, but to argue against the limited use of law to no use at all has been proved folly.

(Rest in God, by Ian Murray)

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