Evolution is a Lie!

Evolution is a downright lie,
Some people, they ask me, why?
Science! science! Is what I hear them cry,
But even this they do, not knowing why.

Science is good, a fine conceptual tool,
But not for truth, an absolute rule;
Your reasoning can be wrong, completely fail,
Even lead you down to the depths of hell.

Truth is eternal, it has always been,
And doesn’t come because of what you’ve seen;
Senses too are very good which upon you must not lean,
For truth on theories devised by fallen men.

Info’s found but not in lumps of matter,
An intelligent mind, a divine Creator;
From a Person, a glorious Saviour,
Wisdom and knowledge, Jesus! The source of such wonderful treasure.

Laws abound, of nature, logic and love,
Surely all such has come from heaven above;
From the mind of God, the heavenly Dove,
So that we could reign and for his glory live.

So evolution is a downright lie,
And upon such you must not rely;
Or in your sinful nature, you will surely die,
God’s Word’s the truth, and that you must apply.

(Written 24th September 2016, James R Hamilton).

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