Notes on the Exodus (117)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!

The Great Provision  (Chapter 12 Verses 31-51)

Of God, for his people, that is. It’s an old and I guess endless debate, the one about common grace. Those who hold to this concept speak of God restraining sin and a development, and a sort of evolution of moral behaviour in humanity as a result. However, it seems to me in the generations that the cup of sin keeps filling up and then comes God’s judgment. Whether it be a church, a denomination, a community, a person, or a nation. The concept seems to me to be foreign to the Bible’s teaching with regards to eschatology. In regard to the world before the end can come and God judge the world, the cup of the world’s sin must reach its fullness. Well, if from an a-millennial position, which is my position, we are in the last of the last days. And that God’s Son is in a hurry to come and finish the job he began, and he is (Revelation 22:7, 12). If God is restraining sin in the human race would that not be contrary to his own revelation and purpose? I only ask. I am willing to be corrected but common grace seems to me to be a misnomer. Grace is but particular and saving, and salvation is by that particular grace, not works. Man in his totality is impregnated with sin, laden with wrath, and faced with the death penalty, in any and every day and generation. A more important question is, is there a way back from this? The answer is yes, by means of the covenant of grace. It is not of works, it is totally undeserved, this is what the word grace implies (Luke 17:10). There was nothing in Adam and there is nothing in any of us that merits any favour with God. If we are in a right status with God it is because he has done something to remedy our natural state. And it was utterly of his grace. The covenant of grace is a covenant formed, established with us and kept by God. It is a unilateral covenant, God does it all. He has to because we are unprofitable, unworthy, impotent covenant breakers, and shall be till we reach heaven. We are both saved and kept because God is an unalterably faithful covenant keeping God. There is no difference between Egypt and Israel, or us, only grace, that’s all.

Remember Israel are being delivered because God has remembered his covenant (2:24-25). He promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The bondage Israel find themselves in by way of God’s sovereign providence is the means used to prepare them for deliverance. It is their plight that causes them to cry to God from the depths of their afflictions. In response, God raises, prepares and calls a deliverer, Moses. It is God faithfully fulfilling what he had promised long ago. And that promise stands today to his elect and their children (Acts 2:39). This must be remembered by us today in the midst of all our troubles, trials, and afflictions. But what is pictured here is the outworking of God’s covenant of grace (v29-31). The Passover is but a type pointing forward to Christ, God’s Lamb (John 1:29). It his, Christ’s death that secures justification of the elect, i.e., rightness with God. The just for the unjust (1Peter 3:18). Removing all our guilt and all that separates us from God. His death is the death of death for the elect of God. It is all of God’s grace, his particular saving grace. That, it seems to me is the only kind of grace Scripture reveals.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)
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