Notes on the Exodus (108)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!

One More Plague   (Chapter 11 Verses 1-10)

Do we listen to God’s word, are we responsive to it? We can hear, we can understand and yet not respond as we should. We can even be as Pharaoh and resent God’s interference into our lives. We can only wonder what Israel’s attitude to all this was. I mean were they critical of Moses and Aaron? Did they carp and complain each day at the lack of progress being made? It seems from their consequent history they never lost that kind of attitude. It had become needful to bring the situation in Egypt to a crisis level or Israel would never have been released from their bondage. Moses, now he has grown in stature before God and men. All the former timidity, nervousness and argumentativeness has disappeared. It appears he is not in the least disappointed with the rebuffs from Pharaoh and his courts, or the criticism of his fellow Israelites. He knew that he was doing God’s will and that is enough. There is a lesson for us all in that, for if we are in God’s place doing what God has given us to do, we can cope with all the rest. That is or should be enough for us too. This is the last act of judgment upon Egypt there is no escaping it. Yet Pharaoh still claims to wield a power that he just not have. At the end of the previous chapter he claims the power over life and death, “for in that day thou seest my face thou shalt die” (Exodus 10:28). What Moses is told here is a repetition of what he has been told before (v1-3). After this, the tenth plague Pharaoh will push Israel out his land and Israel shall make their escape (Psalm 136:1-10). Of course, the modern mind would say haven’t the people of Egypt suffered enough? But suffering is not penitence, contrition, godly sorrow. A few years in prison doesn’t atone for murder or whatever sin puts a person in such a place. Yes, as fellow sinners we ought to empathise with people in their sufferings however it is they come by them. It is only a deep heart repentance unto faith in the blood of God’s Lamb that atones for sin, nothing else. But the masses of Egypt never came to that place, they clung to their idolatrous religious ideology.

You can project that into modern Western society. There are those with a measure of honesty amongst the socialist elite who can see that their socialist experiment hasn’t worked but gone awfully wrong. But here is the thing, they won’t turn, they won’t acknowledge it publicly. Why won’t they turn? The loss of friends, careers, positions or just simply the loss of face? With the end of the cold war, the end of all our heavy industry, the mines and the steel and so on, they need new masses to serve as a replacement for the proletariat. With an utter mindlessness and especially for the far-reaching consequences, they have accepted the Muslims as a substitute for the white working class. They have embraced Islam. But it will come back and bite them where their mothers never kissed them. They will accept any bed-fellows whatsoever rather than admit that they were wrong. Witness the fury and rage of them against family life as God ordained it, and the legislation increasing the powers of parents over their own children. Witness if you will the legislation and government support for the hom0-jihadists. They have destroyed the moral and spiritual foundations of our society, it’s falling apart before them. But they will not admit that they were wrong and the ultimate reason for that is what they fear most. A surrender to what they fear and loathe most, what they absolutely hate with all their beings, the opposite to their humanism, Christianity. Just like Egypt, they are at war with God. And no matter  how much and far down God takes them, they will stubbornly cling their socialist agenda, they will go to hell clinging on to it, and raging at the Almighty as they go. And the reason for their rejection of God, it is not on intellectual grounds but on moral, on ethical grounds. They will have anything but God’s biblical moral and ethical standards (Psalm 2:3). And God will judge them, and he will judge this nation, yes the masses that have stood by these socialist creeps, empowering them generation after generation. They won’t shift, they cling to the socialist nanny state that has become their god. That they think feeds them, provides medical care for them, and so on. For their nanny to be taken away from them would be unthinkable. They would have to rely on God then and that’s not going to happen. Just like the people of Egypt did with Pharaoh. But in the midst of it all, God will not fail his people, he will save them.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)
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