Notes on the Exodus (86)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!

The Philosophy of Unbelief  (Chapter 8 Verses 1-15)

The saturation of filth must have been horrendous (v3-4). This isn’t a few frogs appearing in your backyard. This is an army of frogs, an invasion, of both noise and uncleanness. The frogs would stretch of their skins like you would a sweater, leaving them lying around. Now consider what this means to the Egyptian people. These are people who are absolutely manic about cleanness. Now their symbol of fertility has become a curse. Added to this frogs will mate with anything that isn’t small enough to eat. Like for like, this is the judgment. Do remember won’t you this nation’s cup of sin is full, they are ripe for judgment. Just like Sodom before. Just like the Canaanites later prior to Joshua crossing the Jordan. A nation’s wickedness becomes so great, it festers and fills up, then God acts in judgment. This is again, of course, a picture of the world before the day of judgment kicks in at the end. Think if you will of the sex-crazed West with its intolerable vileness, and apply the words of Jesus to gospel rejectors. “I tell you, it will be more bearable on that day for Sodom than for that town” (Luke 10:12). Sodom had no Bibles. The vileness that is taught children in state schools in our own country. Surely you would think it has reached saturation levels. The spread of unclean diseases, illegitimacy, infertility, imbecility. A society that has substituted the word of God for the word of man. It is hurtling towards the bottomless pit of hell. Surely these are signs of the end of the age, of reprobation, of God-forsakenness, “therefore, God gave them up” (Romans 1:24). The extent of the judgment is in accordance with the extent of the sin. Cause and effect, it is inescapable.

The rod that Moses wields is a symbol of authority (v5). The streams, canals, rivers and pools are full of frogs. God smites an ungodly nation. Again there is power with the sorcerors (v7). And doubtless to change lives to some degree. Just as do the sects, cults, and even unbelieving philosophies. But do they change people for good and lastingly? Do they take away the frogs, do they remove the wrath of God, that is the question we must ask ourselves? An elderly gentleman I spoke with told me of three friends he had, they were Jehovah’s witnesses. They are such nice people he said. They may well be, but that is not the issue. What they teach does not save. It does not deal with sin, it does not take away your sin, it does not deal with your alienation from God. Some even speak of phenomenal experiences, out of body stuff. The power to change a life is not the only issue. It is righteousness before God, that is the issue. Egypt had power, manifested by their sorcerors here, they had their own philosophy of religion. Undoubtedly many would claim it was as good as anyone else’s. Such thinking would lie quite comfortably with our own society today. The only philosophy of religion that they are uncomfortable with is the gospel. Who do we Christians think we are with this exclusivity of religion that insists that it only is right. A nation may have its own philosophy of religion but it opens a door to evil that it cannot shut. To all that’s unwholesome, that cheapens life, that brings fear and distress to folk. They don’t know what to do, where to go. Unless, that is, a preacher comes by and warns, rebukes and exhorts them to turn to God through Christ (Romans 10:14-17). But what will happen if the preachers won’t leave the comfort and protection of their pulpits? The great commission yet stands (Matthew 28:18-20). Go, therefore!

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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