Notes on the Exodus (75)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!

The Lineage of God’s Servants  (Chapter 6 Verses 10-30)

We are reminded here of the humanity of God’s servants (v14-27). Some may find the lists of names in the Bible somewhat boring, but you would be surprised at some of the gems that are to found amongst them following careful study. The genealogies, of course, are of much importance, especially so for the Jews. If you claimed to be anybody you had to show you had pedigree. But here it sets Exodus and its leaders in the context of biblical history and identifies and focuses on the main players. We have the ancestry of Jacob and Moses (v14-17). The Bible is very careful on this point, especially regarding the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ. The link here to the Patriarch’s is proof of Aaron’s lineage, regarding his priestly function. This is important for Aaron due to the important role he has to play. It is authentication of his credentials before the Jews. You recall how following Moses complaint of his own inadequacies how Aaron was appointed his assistant (v13). Both are shown to be of the lineage of Levi. So the Lord’s people can have no complaint regards their pedigree. But there is also a demonstration of grace here. Perhaps you recall how both Levi and Simeon were placed under a curse, disqualified from leadership (Genesis 49:5-7). But in spite of that fact, these are chosen instruments in God’s plan of deliverance for his people. If God chose his servants on the basis of where they naturally came from and their past records, God would have no servants (2Corinthians 2:16). Next we have the credentials of the Levites (v18-25). They were given a place of permanent leadership from the Exodus to the resurrection of Christ. In worship, religious education, health and welfare amongst the people of Israel. Moses was given great authority under God. The biblical pattern of the transmission of wealth and power was not always necessarily to the first-born. It went often the godly and capable seed. Even in the case of Caleb, it went to his daughter. The first-born according to nature was not always the first-born in God’s sight. It is of grace, sovereignly so.

All this is of great importance to the Jews. Remember they are crushed in spirit (v9). They are exhausted by their labours and seriously lacking in courage. Here God is providing them with new, fresh leadership. The people needed to believe deliverance was a possibility. They needed to believe that God was on their side, that he was for them, not against them. They are a reminder to the church today in its present condition. Israel has been in Egypt to long, so long in fact that Egypt is established in them. They not only need to get out of Egypt, they need to get Egypt out of them. Alas, many never did. The church in the West today is little different. It has imbibed the world’s principles, its counselling methods, its music etc., etc. To find a church where God himself enough, is nigh on impossible. A.W. Tozer said a long time ago, It is scarcely possible in most places to get anyone to attend a meeting where the only attraction is God.” If ever the church needed new and fresh leadership it is now, with faith in the dynamic of its own message. Men, courageous, reformed and reforming, protestant and biblical. The courage to get us out of Egypt and get the Egypt out of us. But we, the people, need to believe that deliverance is possible. We need a Moses. But, wait a minute? We’ve got one! He sits at the right hand of the throne of God on high having finished his earthly work. So deliverance is possible. But when will we the people of God believe it?

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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