The way, the truth and the life!

“Supposing there is a hell, such as the Scripture speaks of, one at the remotest distance from God and life eternal, one where the worm of a guilty conscience never dies and where the fire of the wrath of God is never quenched (Isaiah 66:24). Suppose, I say, that there is such a hell, prepared by God, as there is indeed, for the body and soul of the ungodly to be tormented in after this life. Suppose hell is real and tell me if it is prepared for you, if you are a wicked man. Let your conscience speak. Is it prepared for you? And do you think if you were there now that you could wrestle with the judgment of God? Why then do the fallen angels tremble there (Isaiah 24:21-22)? Your hands cannot be strong, nor can your heart endure in that day when God will deal with you (Ezekiel 22:14)” (Written by John Bunyan).

 (James R Hamilton)

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