God’s Covenant of Grace!

The way, the truth and the life!

God in his covenant of grace,
The broken chord he wills to mend;
His chosen people from out the race,
Man again becomes God’s best friend.

God’s covenant life in man restored,
Once more it echoes and vibrates;
The broken chord repaired and tuned,
Echoing friendship wonderful, sweet.

God’s covenant love has been revealed,
Reflecting the life of God Triune;
Pulsing through man, his soul, and mind,
Responding to God his true companion.

God’s formed his covenant in Jesus Christ,
Of God, through God, to God himself;
As sure as sure, man finds his rest,
In God Triune’s free grace and life.

God willed his covenant for man to see,
Encircled in the glow of love;
Arousing in man the desire to be,
Redeemed by grace, and with God to live.

(© James R Hamilton, written 21st, February 2016)

Sermon Audio

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