Notes on the Exodus (69)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!

God, You’re Not Doing Anything  (Chapter 5 Verses 22-23)

Finally, Moses and Aaron flee from the angry people. However, we must see the hand of the devil in this. Remember the work of God is about to move forward significantly, the devil was bound to put his oar in somewhere, somehow. Whatever we think of Moses and Aaron here, we must remember they are God’s chosen servants, ordained to lead the people of God out of their bondage. Here we have yet another finger of accusation pointed at God (v22). The people blame Moses, Moses blames God. Or does he? Notice will you how that, as temperatures rise along with voices, nobody, but nobody points to Pharaoh’s responsibility in all this. He, the devil’s tool, just sits back laughing his socks off. But the Lord is the first cause of the trouble, the increase of the people’s oppression. So was Moses justified after all, does this experience prove that he was right, he should never have been sent? “Moses said unto God, Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt” (Exodus 3:11)? Moses is hurt, deeply. Maybe he remembers his first attempt at leading his people? The feelings of failure, human limitations, insecurity, do you know anything of this? When it comes to this you’re on your own, totally. God’s people don’t want to know you, other Ministers either, the phone doesn’t ring like it used, nobody wants you. There’s only one place to go, to God.

It’s God’s inactivity (v23). Moses censures the Lord, he hasn’t rescued Israel like he said he would. But the thing is he hasn’t been listening to what he has been taught. We’re all like that, though. Moses has been called by God, no doubt of that, he will rise and go again, this you see is a learning curve for him also. His faith is being educated and developed. This is just the start, he needs to batten down the hatches, because there’s more to come, worse. The upside of this is that Moses is now alone with God. He doesn’t sulk in a corner alone, throw in the towel. He took his moans to God. Here’s the thing, all the people are against Moses, so is Pharaoh and all the world, he himself is a failure, like us. But when deliverance comes, it will be manifestly clear that it was God who did it. That way God gets all the glory. God wasn’t inactive, he had spoken clearly declaring what he would do, his word is good, always. The unrealised reality here is that in this situation, prayer is not changing anything, but in answer to prayer, God is changing his people. Prayer changes nothing. God in answer to our prayers graciously moves, acts and brings about his sovereign will in the lives of his chosen people. The problem is we all want quick answers, special deliverances in relation to our own circumstances, personal, national, family or friends. But, the result of our praying can be cataclysmic. Did Moses and the people expect Pharaoh to smile, throw open the gates and say go? Hang the Egyptian economy? Is that a realistic expectation? Well when you and I pray for God to reform in our nation today what is an apostate church, what will that take, realistically? Cost? Perhaps God to judge the nation, drastic action to drive out the sin? To cleanse and establish righteousness. Maybe even economic ruin, would that bring us to our knees? I think sometimes our praying for revival’s a bit like the Jews here, a quick, painless, magical whisking away of all the years, the decades of apostasy, a putrid backslidden religion that’s a stench in God’s nostrils. It has been said, “cheap praying is blasphemous.”

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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