Notes to the Seven Churches (11)

“The Things that MUST Come to Pass”

The Record – (Revelation Chapter 1 Verse 1-3)

The record, the testimony John gives concerning this revelation of the things that must come to pass. The testimony is of full of symbols, signs and visions. Symbols and signs of realities that we can see, over and again we are told in the book of Revelation “come and see, come and see!” Because our sovereign Lord Jesus would have us to see, this is the purpose of his giving us this prophecy. So that we are not perplexed by what we see happening in the world, so we understand things are not out of control, but under his supreme Lordship. It is prophecy, it speaks the word of God as opposed to the word of man. Man’s ideas, philosophies regarding life, the world, where it’s going etc. Some may ask you are a futurist, that means do you believe all this lies in the future. Then another may ask you are you a preterist, that means you believe all this lies in the past, it has been fulfilled. We wear the spectacles of neither of these. It isn’t futuristic in the sense that it all lies in the future. It was happening then, in John’s day. It is happening now, and it will happen to very the end of the age. Man sees the world in turmoil, here is this record, this testimony was given to the church so that we begin to see what is behind it all. The believer should know, be able to identify the turmoil and its cause. When he sees salvation abounding in some location, he recognises the white horse and its rider (6:2). The gospel is going forth conquering and to conquer. When he hears about a war he recognises the Sovereign Christ has loosed the red horse and its rider (6:4), war. When he hears of economic trouble he recognises the black horse and its rider has been loosed (6:5), financial trouble abounds. When he hears of about death, whether by war, famine earthquake etc., he recognises the pale horse and its rider has been loosed (6:8), there is death abroad. This is the record of Jesus Christ and his sovereign doings in history, he is the cause of it all. It is not the politicians, it is not the bankers, nor is it the medics, it is Christ, he is both Lord and God.

The church in the world as far as the world is concerned is insignificant, what it believes and proclaims. But the word of God declared by the church opposes man’s view. This is the record of what Christ will do in this world, and these things will, must, shortly, come to pass, for he says so (v1). The world is busy with its own things, building its kingdoms, even developing the kingdom of the Anti-Christ, the kingdom of man without God. It is taken up with bank balances, bigger houses, it is consumed, obsessed with these things, because that is all that the world has. But this record is given to us, God’s people, that we might discern the times we are living in, and that we might live godly, that we might endure, just as he, Christ, endured. That we might stand faithful to the testimony of Jesus Christ and the truth, and be strong in the faith. That we might not give way. This is the record of where history is going, inexorably, history is linear, it is not circular, going round and round ever repeating itself. It is going in a straight line, and it is not plodding, but rushing onwards to the second and final coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! Are you ready? Are you building a home in heaven?

(© James R Hamilton, written Summer, 2011)

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3 thoughts on “Notes to the Seven Churches (11)

  1. Dear Brother, Right at the outset you allowed a barely noticeably but hugely significant error in. You said, things that must come to pass. The Scripture says, must ‘soon’ come to pass. The first three verses and last two verses of the Revelation are crystal clear and important for interpreting the text accurately. Furthermore, if John is tasked to measure the temple but not the court of the Gentiles in 11:1 then the temple was standing at the time John received this revelation from our Lord. Therefore it had to be written before AD70. Your brother Adrian

    1. Dear Adrian, I don’t see any significant or serious error in what I have written here. The omission of the word ‘soon’ doesn’t alter anything significantly. I was merely seeking in the context of what I was writing to emphasise that the things ‘must’ come to pass. That was my own emphasis. I am not writing a commentary, I am not qualified to do so, these are merely notes intended to encourage others in their faith or to the study of in more dept themselves. With regards to chapter 11:1-2 and the temple. John is given a vision, he is shown the temple in the vision, it is not physical, literal, it cannot be, for John is in exile on Patmos and wouldn’t be able to go and measure the temple physically even if he wanted to. This, however, does point to a serious and significant error that the Pre-mils make, in taking things that are visionary and prophetic literally. It leads to all sorts of grotesque conclusions, such as the description of the beast in 13:2. I realise this is a controversial area of study, where many people hold differing views, the last thing I want is to start a war of words with anyone over it, especially with a brother in the Lord. I welcome your comment brother, thank you for it. Every blessing in Lord. Jim

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