Notes on the Seven Churches (2)

“Searching the Seven Churches”

The way, the truth and the life!

Post-millennialism – (Revelation Chapter 1 Verse 1)

The Post-millennialists are looking for a better world, a Christian one in essence, where all if not Christian, look upon Christianity favourably. A world in which sin will not develop but its influence will weaken. Christianity will be the norm in such a world, in all the spheres of society, in industry, in science and education etc. There will be as a result of this Christian influence great progress, no slavery, polygamy, life for women and children will be bettered. There will be a working together of the nations, therefore resulting in cooperation and less war. There will be the production of millions of Bibles, with the gospel spreading far and wide. The increase in the kingdom of God will be huge. These changes will not take place naturally so to speak, but that of gospel fruit. Hence the gospel must be preached and as a result of the preaching of God’s word and the operations of the Holy Spirit it will bear this fruit. There will be a disappearance of corruption in high and low places alike. This millennium age will be one of righteousness and peace (Isaiah 2:4), and to this world Christ will return (Revelation 11:15).

However, we must ask ourselves what does the Bible say? Does it not speak of an increase of wars, an impotent United Nations (international cooperation), that lawlessness will abound, a widespread anti-Christian spirit is to be expected? There appears to be a problem with this Post-millennial position. The Bible speaks of an organic development of sin, multiplying, until the cup is full, and God has to judge it. It increases not weakens, becomes more subtle, refined. Further, God has revealed his salvation, but the reality appears to be that a relatively small number shall be saved, and the rest perish, comparatively speaking. The number of the redeemed in the end of course will be great (Revelation 7:9), that is the testimony of Scripture. But compared to the number of the lost, it will be a minority (Matthew 22:14). In fact there will be many who will not even hear the gospel. For most in the nations to whom the word of God is sent, it will be a witness against leaving them with no excuse. But, over and against the Post-millennial dream, the Bible appears to testify concerning the church in any era to be rather small,“and the daughter of Zion is left like a booth in a vineyard, like a lodge in a cucumber field, like a besieged city” (Isaiah 1:8).“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32), 

(© James R Hamilton, written Summer, 2011)

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