Notes on the Exodus (54)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!

The Demands of God Fulfilled  (Chapter 4 Verses 18-31)

The fourth and final part of the preparation, the call and arrival of Aaron (vv27-31). While Mose is being prepared God is speaking to Aaron. It would appear that Aaron obeys without question. We often forget that God is active in many ways. He prepares different folks in different situations, then bringing them altogether at just the right time, on the right stage. Here we two different men, with different personalities and capacities, yet in the will of God they compliment each other. That they meet here at the Mount of the Lord is of some significance (Exodus 3:12). This is where it was predicted that they should meet, so again Moses has yet another confirmation that he is in the way and will of the Lord. But remember we only get that as we move forward to do the Lord’s will. All this is of God’s engineering, he is always at work, he never sleeps. Together they gather and speak to the elders first, the right course of action. For they are the representatives of the people. Aaron is the spokesman and worker of signs here (v30). And the people listen, contrary to what Moses thought, and again another confirmation, another prediction fulfilled (vv8-9).

Of course the people were not always prepared to listen as we see later on. It took many long years of oppression and suffering to bring them to this place (Exodus 2:23-25). And the word of God is confirmed by signs which are a help to the people, but a concession to faith, to weakness. In faith they bow in worship before the Lord (v31). But we must not put too great a stain on this faith yet, trials will test it, as it will yours and mine. What is important here is that the credibility of Moses, the Lord’s servant is established, which is one of the things this section is about. The other is of course the divine presence, a vital proof of the Lord’s presence. It is important that the people believe, but not because of Moses or Aaron, but the word and signs of the Lord. Thus they acclaim not the presence of Moses and Aaron, nor celebrate their presence, but God’s. Unlike the modern counterparts, who end up idolising the messenger and ignoring the message. This is a start, there’s a long way to go, it will take much of God’s power and grace to get these people to even want to leave Egypt. It’s culture is ingrained in their souls, it take more than words of human wisdom, or even those of Moses. It will take the mighty works of God, supernatural, miraculous grace changing the human heart and its desires.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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