Notes on the Exodus (52)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!

Covenant Obedience  (Chapter 4 Verses 18-31)

It is the man, the male head of the family who has the primary responsibility for the training, conduct of the children. Where, as in this case, there is an unbelieving wife? Just the same. The man is the head and the responsibility is his. Moses is God’s ambassador sent to do God’s covenant work, and the sign of that covenant is, in the Old Testament, circumcision. In the New Testament, baptism. The apostle makes it clear that the former was substituted with the latter (Colossians 2:11). It’s the mark that the child belongs to the Lord and consequently to the church also. It is the father’s place to ensure that the ritual is carried out. That in itself is a token of the father’s obedience of faith. Moses, did not obey at this point, he neglected his duty as a father. Would it be fair to assume from her reaction here, that this neglect was due to her opposition, she evidently doesn’t share Moses faith. To put the peace of the home before obedience is not a safe path to take.Was this Moses secret, non-public compromise? However, God did not overlook the matter.

It’s more than just a personal issue. Moses later will have to insist that the seed of Israel be circumcised, so if his own child is not marked with the sign of the covenant of grace, it’s not good. He is not qualified until the issue is dealt with. It may be seen to be a very small matter, but it is an area of neglect where many children are lost as a result. We must examine this closely and take it very seriously, notice please that God does. The children of believers belong to, and are the seed of the church. It really doesn’t get any more serious than this, God is fit to kill Moses. Perhaps Moses, like many today, thought the sign of the covenant to be a secondary issue. How often do we hear it, they can make their own minds up later? This is a gospel issue. Jesus said of such is the kingdom of God. The Bible is not silent on the matter, it contains a serious theology of children that it behoves this generation to study well. Before Moses can be a channel of power to Israel, or anyone else, he must first show faithfulness in his own responsibilities. Neglect of this matter is taken very seriously by God.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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