Notes on the Exodus (50)

“Exposing the Exodus”

Bluebell Lane
The way, the truth and the life!

The Doing of Will of God  (Chapter 4 Verses 18-31)

So the dialogue with the divine ends, Moses toddles off. We might think after all Moses argy-bargy that God would be ready to give up on him. No, God has greater patience than us, this alone should cause us to be a lot slower to write men off. In spite of the blunders of many of God’s servants,  for example Peter, we see God doesn’t make wrong choices. He chooses his servant and he sticks with him, despite all the flaws. Moses of course has a constant reminder, each time he looks at Aaron, of his unwillingness, reticence to serve God. The fact remains he is God’s choice whatever we may think. But there seems to be a growing awareness of this with Moses, which of course is another reason for patience, sometimes a man just needs time. Then along the way there are confirmation signs, which come only when we are prepared to go. Moses is ready now to do God’s will (v18-23). Hence the confirmation (John 7:17). There is no reference to the suitability of his wife or family here. Here is the first confirmation as he returns to Jethro his father-in-law. Remember Moses has responsibility to Jethro, it was he took him in when he was a fugitive from Egyptian justice. He gave Moses a home, a job, a wife. It would have been a serious discourtesy to say the least to just up and leave with no reference to Jethro.

Spiritual service doesn’t relieve us of the common courtesies of life. Is it possible do you think that this man Jethro was coming to a clearer understanding and knowledge of the Lord as he worked with Moses (Exodus 18:9-12), seem to be so. But the fact that he willing for Moses to go is a reassurance to Moses that God is indeed in this. It is he who makes the way. These are anchor points for the future, when difficulties arise as a result of the work, Moses can look back to these confirmations received and thus be strengthened to carry on. The Lord assures him also of his personal safety (v19). So now as the will of God is confirmed to him yet again, he proceeds to Egypt (v20). Sometimes the only way to know is simply to just go. Over the years I’ve had young men who have asked me about getting involved in evangelistic labours, and how you learn, get started. Well there is no set formula. There has, of course, to be a call to preach, a burden for souls of the lost. But all that said, there really is only one way forward, go, and do the Lord’s will. He will take care of the rest.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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