Notes on the Exodus (49)

Bluebell Lane
The way, the truth and the life!

“Exposing the Exodus”

An Unmixed Trust  (Chapter 4 Verses 10-17)

Finally, a postscript (v17). Which is a reminder to both, of the powerful presence of God with them in their God-given task. They wield the staff which symbolises God’s almighty power. But isn’t there a mirror here, in which we see a reflection of ourselves. Aren’t there times when we are more ready to trust anything, anyone rather than God himself? If we are given the countenance, the support of another mere mortal, we are quite happy to move forward boldly. Otherwise like Moses here, we falter, hesitate, demur. Should not this cause us to humble ourselves and to seek to know him better, to grow into a greater degree of faith, of trust in God alone. So that with an unmixed confidence, we walk with a firmer step, and alone if God would so have us to? That is, having him, God alone, for all our resource and portion in this world. That’s a high place to be, and it’s reachable, faith beloved, faith.

This other sign Moses was given (v14), is again concession to weakness. He, and we, are called to walk by faith not sight, when we are craving for and asking for signs, miracles, we are not walking by faith. One of the best signs, or indicators that God is indeed working, lies at both ends of the spectrum here. That God is preparing his servant at one end and also at the same time preparing his people to whom his servant is going. We see this in the New Testament, the Ethiopian Eunuch and Philip the evangelist. While the Eunuch is reading Scripture Philip is being sent to instruct him. We see it with Saul and Ananias, with Cornelius and the apostle Peter. When God sends us to do something, he knows what he is doing, so we can trust and obey him for the outcome with full confidence. God’s people today and in all generations ought to be praying for the Lord to raise up his servants, and prepare his men to lead his people into battle. For men with the God-given ability to communicate experiential truth to others, and applying that truth in the power of God’s heaven-sent Spirit. In every part of our lives, and society. To tell about Jesus, the exclusive Saviour to lost sinners. For men who will cry out against the awful sin of despising, holding in contempt the blood of the eternal covenant. Not being ashamed of Jesus or shying away from describing what the Bible means when it speaks of eternal damnation, the hellishness of hell. Pray! We must pray for such men. The hour is late.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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