Notes on the Exodus (48)

“Exposing the Exodus”

Bluebell Lane
The way, the truth and the life!

Moses’ Assistant  (Chapter 4 Verses 10-17)

Enough, the Lord is cross with Moses (v14). Why would Moses, we ourselves, who owe all we are and have and hope to be, to God, be reluctant to serve him? Is it the cost, the profit and loss margins? Yes, there may be an interim cost. There may be times of hardship, temporary hiccups along the way, even sufferings, yes (Matthew 19:29). Note here that God took Moses at his word. Did Moses lose something here, something of the blessing of full, wholehearted service? Aaron will be his spokesman, figurehead, and he will be glad to be so. But this means that God’s people don’t have singularly God’s first and sole choice of leader. Later on Aaron will demonstrate a lack of sanctification, he was unfit to ascend up into the cloud of God’s presence (Exodus 24:1ff). The spirit of uncleanness pervades the world today, it is pandemic. One can hardly escape it, the TV, internet, every form of media. We well understand those who want to avoid all of these, but we can hardly go out of the world, we have to live and witness in it, Jesus says so.

But we do have to recognise if we are unwilling to do God’s work, someone less worthy, capable, less dependable may have to step in in place. I’m speaking of course from a human perspective, and we could say that from a human perspective God’s work would suffer. Moses of course he gains a side-kick, Aaron, but in doing so does he lose some of the blessing? We will always be the losers if in answer to God’s call, who will go for me? We answer, not me. Many a young man turn from and reject any thought of entry into the ministry because of the trouble they see in churches throughout the land. They see the way Pastors are treated, they see them driven out of churches, they see them stressed out, they see them in a state of breakdown. We live in a generation that has lost all respect for the Christian ministry, and Ministers are treated like football managers (without of course the same financial gains). They are hired and fired at will by selfish church members for mere arbitrary reasons. Therefore, some young men see all this and their conclusion is, this is not for me. I understand, I sympathise, but that is still not reason for disobedience, if God is calling, there is but one response, here I am Lord, send me. There is a day of judgment, God will deal with the trouble-makers.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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