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I’mmm not anti-refugee, if an alien needs to be rescued then we help him, “And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place” (Jeremiah 22:3). This is not a problem for me, I grew up with refugees in Glasgow, back in the day. We had Jews and Italians etc., they loved us and we loved them (especially Gizzi’s Ice-cream). We went to the same schools, but they didn’t demand we alter the lessons, RE., or otherwise to suit them and their religious ideas. They were sick of war and fighting just as we all were. They built their synagogues and RC Chapels, they engaged in their false and idolatrous religion, but they did it peacefully. They, as far as memory permits, didn’t seek to harm anyone, they never looked for handouts, we never saw them protesting on our streets (as in Holland at present) because they had no TV’s in their rooms. On the contrary, they worked and very hard, they integrated with our society, they complemented it, in the sphere of God’s providence they were a blessing to our society.

Alas, what you are seeing now is a different ballgame altogether. They don’t love us, they only want what we’ve got, and they want it without working for it (there will be of course exceptions, there always are), they make demands, they do not express gratitude (yes, there are always exceptions, thankfully). Their places of meeting are fortresses, they are not places of worship, where the seeds of strife and hate are sown. The tenets of their faith demand that. They cannot, they are not permitted to live in peace with Kafirs, “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)” Surah 9:5). They have already expressed the desire to hurt us (the entire West). They have shown no intention of integrating into our society, even the so-called moderate ones, but only to transform it into like-ghettoes that they have come from. I visit and preach in areas of this country where if you didn’t know it, you would not believe you were in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. A planeload of Syrians was flown into Glasgow airport last week, they were given homes, benefits etc., immediately. For most of them, they have no identity documents, so any security checks are an impossibility. There will be, I am informed, 5000 native children who will wake up homeless in Scotland this Christmas. Where did these homes magically appear from? A good number of them were sent to Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, where local young men have to leave to find work. So there is obviously no intent to get these refugees working. We have ex-military personnel who were sent to fight in the very countries some of these refugees are coming from, some have returned disfigured, crippled, and disabled at the hands of these very nations. Men who can’t even get on a housing list never mind getting a house, unless of course they have a serious drug problem. We have many (and I don’t say all) youngsters of our own who are gang-bait, even jail-bait because there’s no work and very little future for them. We are sodden with sexual filth and its consequent disease, from top to bottom, we are drug infested, covered with the vomit and shame of our own sin. We cannot help ourselves never mind these refugees! Where did we ever get the idea we could actually and really benefit these people? Again, back in my boyhood Glasgow, we did have something to offer, although ravaged by war. The Nazis didn’t just bomb London. But we had principles. We had the will to work, to rebuild, we had moral values, it was our generation that rebuilt this country for this rat-infested generation before us now. And now we’re running on empty, there is nothing left in the tank, not even the fumes of the past to take in, and we reckon we can give these people lives, it would be laughable it weren’t so serious. We’re out of our minds, stupid with the sin we’ve been given over to. My dear friend Shaman who is my neighbour here, he fled Afghanistan threatened with death, he is now a hard-working teacher locally. He tells me, and his students, everywhere that you find Islam, you find trouble, nothing but trouble, wherever it goes! And no he is not a Christian, not yet. Well, now it’s here and by the bucket load. The sheer numbers are ludicrous, it has already destabilised more than half of Europe, and doubtless with more yet to come.

I don’t doubt that history and God’s judgments all come into play in this. There is France, now almost bereft of the gospel that it once persecuted, tried to strangle, i.e., Bartholomew’s Day? Yes, the streets of Paris are well accustomed to bloodshed, nothing new there. Then there are the sins of Nazi Germany? Yes, we all tend to forget history, but God doesn’t, he has a very, very, very long memory. All this, of course, is no excuse for the present Protestant apostasy that abounds, for the lack of hearing and understanding of the gospel, the rejection of hearing the word of the Lord. The liberalising of the church, its effeminate condition, our lack of will to fight the Lord’s battles. The pathetic weak murmurings we call preaching. We celebrate the mighty Knox of Scotland, who made the monarch of the day tremble with his praying, but his spirit is long, long gone. Then there is the sovereignty of God of course, who knows, maybe, perhaps, he will turn, and relent, lift his heavy hand from of us, who knows? But if I were a gambling man (and I’m not) I wouldn’t bet on it. These are serious days for serious men to engage in serious praying. No, not for me, not for my generation, but for our children and their children, even those yet to be born. God, please be merciful to us for the great wickedness we have done and continue to engage in!

(© James R Hamilton, written November 2015)



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