Notes on the Exodus (46)

“Exposing the Exodus”

Bluebell Lane
The way, the truth and the life!

The Revealed Lessons  (Chapter 4 Verses 10-17)

All of this given to Moses serves to teach him vital lessons. The secret of overcoming Satan, God’s enemy and that of his people,  is the power of God (v12). The miracles here are revelations of that divine power. They demonstrate to Moses and to Israel, their need to be delivered from the real and the ultimate oppressors, Satan rule and sin’s pollution. Moses, he must press home these lessons to the people. God’s people in their service to God is about asserting the Lordship of Christ and his law, in every generation. Not just within the sphere of the church, but every area of society. This is God’s world, Satan is a usurper! It is only, at times such as now, when God’s people recede, say and do nothing, refuse to stand up to the plate. That kingdoms and governments such as Pharaoh’s rise and reign. Then wise men of Pharaoh’s court hold sway with their so-called magic. The same humanism, paganism that was prevalent in Egyptian society takes hold in our own ever increasingly pagan society. Our business as God’s people in this world is not to defend but attack, to be on the offensive, confronting this paganism.

But where there is weakness, error, utter denial of the sovereignty of God, the fundamental articles of the truth, then darkness envelopes more and more. A believer ought not to bind himself to such a church as denies such principles of the faith. Where the true rule of worship is not upheld, i.e., the Scriptures, we should not bind ourselves. Why? Because these are the very conditions that do and have robbed us of God’s power. We are not placed here and called for such a time as this, as to please ourselves or others, but God. The other matter that was demonstrated in these miraculous revelations was the judgment of God. That which awaits all who reject the testimony of God’s revelation. These are serious and solemn matters that every servant of the Lord, must press home and not be afraid to declare. For Moses? Further assurance of God’s help, yes, but more preparation is needed first.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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