Bluebell Lane
The way, the truth and the life!

I is for Isis and for Islam,
Love and peace is not their aim;
In London and Paris all over the world,
Global conquest, with its flag unfurled.

S is for sword, all covered in blood,
Women and children, Kafirs must be killed;
Inspired by the spirit of one long dead,
Driven by the hate of the prophet, Mohammed.

I is for incest, the prophet’s great sin,
Women just used, then thrown in the bin;
A book from heaven, so they claim’s the Quran,
“Seize and kill” (Surah 9:5), all that’s pagan.

S is for Sunni and Shariah as well,
But both with a faith that’s leading ’em to hell;
Blind to the truth, Jesus, surely did die,
Worse, blind to the awesome reason, why?


I is for ignorance, of grace and love,
In the Person of Jesus, sent from above;
Compassion and mercy for murderous men,
Who turn to Jesus before their end.

S is for sin, in religious dress,
Used by men the truth to suppress;
Hating God and their fellowman,
From the sunny West to Kurdistan.

I is for Injil, yes the gospel’s been given,
To teach men love and prepare them for heaven;
Forgiveness so sweet, by the blood of the cross,
At a great, divine, and phenomenal cost.

S is for Scripture, the sword of the Spirit,
It kills man’s ignorance and leads him to Christ;
The power to love God, and his fellow man,
To conquer sin, the world, and even Islam.


(© James R Hamilton, written November, 2015)

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