Notes on the Exodus (38)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

God’s Provision  (Chapter 3 Verses 19-22)

God’s not limited by our failure, he is sovereign, he rules and overrules in our weakness, sinfulness and faithlessness. He does and will remain faithful to himself and to all that he has promised. God will provide for his people, he will make Egypt favourable disposed towards Israel (v22). The Hebrews lived among the Egyptians, they were neighbours. The old version uses the word borrow here, that’s far from the best translation, not even ask is correct. They will plunder the Egyptians (v22b). This refers of course to time of Israel’s departure, their going out, the exodus. Not on a three day jaunt but going out altogether as God along intended, complete deliverance from Egypt. By this and more God will clearly demonstrate his divine presence with his people. Remember that God’s presence is dynamic, it is active. In the case of his elect it active in redemption, in the case of the reprobate it is active in judgment. God demonstrates his presence with Israel in these ways, 1. The request to worship God as he himself dictates; 2. The victory in the confrontation with Pharaoh; 3. The extraordinary signs performed in Egypt; 4. The plundering of Egypt; 5. The whole episode is crowned with the exodus, the freedom to leave.

All this will be seen to be God’s doing. Moses, however, has many more questions yet concerning authority for his given task. The next chapter will deal with that issue. But as we leave this chapter, consider what a God we have to do with, this is our God. He is the faithful, covenant-keeping God, always the same, unchanging and forever. And he is our authority for our God-given task today, to take the gospel into all the world, to make disciples, to teach them his commandments. The authority for our commission is in a sense the exact same as that of Moses, God’s word. We too have God’s revelation today, written, his inscripturated, infallible, inerrant word. That truth today can and likewise needs to be authoritatively declared to all men without distinction. It is truth that can be asserted in all its fulness, the whole Bible, all the counsel of God. Because it has God for its author.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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