Notes on the Exodus (31)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

God Comes in His Time  
(Chapter 3 Verses 8-9)

“And I have come down to deliver” (v8). He comes for his back-slidden people, oppressed by sin and left impotent in the face of their enemies. Maybe like our own present generation of Christians, they strove to show to Egypt, to the world, that they were just like them, and so became like them. We today, have altered our language, our services, our music, our sanctuaries, our dress, we have altered that which is not our own, God’s message. All to suit the world. We have fed them, entertained them, sung to them, danced to their tunes. Have we won them, converted them, even gotten their respect? Not a bit, they despise us even more. We have brought ourselves down to their level. We need to get back to the serious, solemn business we are called to, purity of divine worship, services that are marked with reverence and godly fear.

Of course the timing is God’s (v9). The action is about to begin. The afflictions of God’s people has become intolerable, enough is enough. The thought of a promised land seemed a pleasing concept to these people no doubt, but that’s about all, just a dream, a fairy tale, like one Aesop’s Fables. There are many such today within the pale of the church, they hear the gospel, the idea of heaven is appealing to them, but that’s all. They prefer the world. It’s not till we begin to feel the oppressive weight of sin, until it bites, begins to torment, becomes an unbearable burden to us, it’s then, only then that we are ready to cry to the Lord. It’s then we are ready to hear of the sweetness of Jesus, of pardon, forgiveness, the assurance of a heavenly home, where there is no sin. The real promised land. It’s only as the Holy Spirit begins to open our eyes to see wasteland, the bitter wilderness of the world we live in, until like Pilgrim we see we’re living in the “City of Destruction”, we’re ready to cry, to flee to Jesus. As I gaze upon this world today, no it has never been good, but there is such a thing as the organic development of sin, it multiplies, it gets worse as time moves on. Then when the cup has filled up, sin is fully developed, technology has got man to the place where he can no longer find any other ways to sin against God. Then God calls time on time, then God steps in, intervenes, he comes to deliver his own people, and to judge the world in righteousness. Make sure you’re on the right side, won’t you?

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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