An Ode to Kim Davis

To the County Clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky

In Kentucky state, in the land of bluegrass,
Folks are a-howlin’, a-bayin’ for sin;
But there’s a holy, stubborn, born-again lass,
She’s the County Clerk, and she ain’t giving in.

Laws of the nation, its Court of Supremacy,
Think they know better than God their Maker;
But on this issue of weddings and matrimony
God’s law is supreme, not these jokers.

Kim Davis won’t bow, for her Saviour she’s bold,
A license for sodomy is a license for sin;
God’s the authority, to his law she’s held,
So quit ya’ll like men an’ don’t give in.

The decision it’s simple, it’s black or white,
When you’ve turned to God, from the evils of sin;
Your allegiance it changes, an’ you begin to fight,
In spite of the world, with its clamour an’ din.

Marriage, by God, has been clearly defined,
One man an’ one woman in union together;
His word with all its moral demands,
Tho men may change, his word don’t never.

They’ve taken our sister, down to the jail,
Ungodly powers who give us no rest;
Wicked men, beyond the pale,
Lord help our dear sister, to stand this test.

In Kentucky state, in the land of bluegrass,
God through his girl has clearly spoken;
Heaven or hell? Which one will they choose,
Repent an’ believe? And to God’s word harken?

(© James R Hamilton, written 3rd, September 2015)

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