Notes on the Exodus (30)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The God Who Sees Us  
(Chapter 3 Verses 6-9)

Moses reaction is one of fear, he is afraid to look at God (v6c). Prior to this he gazed in wonder at the bush, now, he is awed, he covers his face in godly fear. If you contrast this deep respect with our modern day presumptuousness it will tell you much. Many, if not all of our churches in the West have lost that aura of fear. An attitude has been developed and embraced that God somehow is our old Buddy. There is in some quarters it must be said an ungodly irreverence, even indecency. It is an awful thing when our nation is led by godless people, who have no fear of God and lead the nation into the pit of destruction. But when there is no fear of God in his own church, it is very serious. Our attitude and behaviour in the presence of God is extremely important. God is holy, he is in heaven, we are on earth and sinful. There is a way for sinners to respond to a holy God, it is seen here in Moses (v6). Perhaps if the preaching and teaching of the holy standards of God contained in his law were more of an emphasis, a right and proper, healthy, holy fear of the Lord would be caught (Ecclesiastes 12:13; Job 28:28).

But God intervenes (vv7-9). This, for Moses, is the beginning of a long intimate relationship, but it is from this place of intimacy, of presence that Moses will go out and minister to others. He is brought here to this place for a purpose, for God to bare his soul, so to speak, revealing his plan to his servant. God has seen the plight of his people (v7), and he is going to deliver them (v8). It is also a wonder and a comfort that our God sees (v7). That he is totally and accurately aware of our every situation. For some, those who do not know him in a saving and loving relationship, that is a scary thought no doubt. But for his elect it is a great comfort (Psalm 121:4). He sees our difficulties, our afflictions, he hears our cry. There is tender compassion, a divine throb of tender care in this encounter. All those days Moses had been on the run, through the desert in Midian, God had been there, seeing, knowing. In all the sufferings of God’s people in all ages, it is the same, he is never ignorant, or indifferent. He says, “I know.” It is well for us to know and remember this, especially in times of distress. He is our God and he sees, knows and cares.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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