Notes on the Exodus (28)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

God of His Father (Chapter 3 Verses 6-12)

The response of Moses to the presence of God here is inevitable. One of reverential awe, holy fear, worship. In the light of such divine revelation his response is basic to the Old and New Testament Scriptures. It is basic to the worship  we find in the Psalms, to the experience and proclamation of the Prophets. It is the response that is lacking in the Western church today. Here God reveals, identifies himself to Moses, and it is precise v6. This of course should not surprise us, for God is a very precise God. It’s the same God whom his father worshipped v6a, this not some deviant, aberrant deity. He is not a figment of Moses imagination, or the product of a dream. There are some errant commentators who assume that Moses obtained his religion from his father-in-law Jethro. That Israel then decided to go with this Kenite concept of God. Well go back over what we’ve seen thus far in Exodus. Moses was given back to his parents when he was found in the river, it was then, in those early years that the true religion was instilled in him. This again of course highlights the importance of teaching our covenant children, from an early age. And, not just Bible stories, but principles, doctrines, the character of God etc., a foundation for their lives (Proverbs 22:6). Here after many years, and doubtless much sin, even murder remember, God comes to him and reveals himself mercifully to him.

But, the seeds of God’s incorruptible word had be sown in him a long time ago (1Peter 1:23). But if no seed had been sown, how could there be an harvest? Ask any farmer, “if I plough my fields and sit back and look at them, what will I reap”? He will tell you, “nothing but briers and thorns?” If the seed of the word is not sown then there is nothing for the Holy Spirit to use, nothing. This is what makes our evangelism so, so important today. Folk and churches have given up, no fruit they say, it’s a waste of time they say. It’s not, it’s a seed-sowing exercise. The times are not in our hands, they are in the hands of the God who is absolutely sovereign and works to his calendar. Our given task is to evangelise the nations, sow the seed, but if we don’t sow, there will be nothing to reap. A while back a Pastor friend of mine from Albania, he was helping me with the street work. He said after a few days he had never met so many wacky people with crazy, mixed up ideas about God. But people fed with all sorts of slop from Hollywood, TV, the music industry etc., is it any wonder they are totally confused. But unless the church goes with God’s own, self-revelation, the Scriptures, and present them with the clear picture of what God is like, how will they know (Isaiah 8:20).

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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