Notes on the Exodus (24)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Separation to God (Chapter 3 Verses 1-4)

We have seen that God has separated Moses from the world. Here in this desert retreat Moses has every opportunity for undisturbed communion with God. There is much that he will learn here. He will learn the vanity of human resources and the need for utter dependence upon God and to be much alone with God. Part of the sacrifice of ministry is a willingness to surrender a lot of social interaction, if the man is to be spiritually useful to his fellow man. He must be able to put aside the novel, at least control the television set, in order to spend time alone with God. The Bible is silent to the spiritual experiences Moses encountered and the discipline he was subjected to. We know nothing of the exercise of heart he suffered. The is not abnormal in Scripture however, we all this in the preparation for many of the prophets as they are called and appointed. We see it in the New Testament too, John the Baptist’s time in the wilderness, where God burns his message into his heart, before he declares it. We see it in Paul’s experience, taken down into Arabia for three years. All this is passed over in silence, we know nothing of God’s dealings with these men in their isolation with God. But these were men, including our Lord Jesus Christ, who were ever found on their own with God. The victory is never won by the multitude.

The men who dare to go where others hold back from always finds themselves alone. But it is they who see the glory and who enter the secret counsels of eternity. These are the men who are taken into the lonely school, separated from the world, but separated to God as well. It’s here in this place God gives them his message, and engraves it upon their hearts. But they are all different men, they advance the kingdom of God, with different parts to play, different gifts, capacities, opportunities and in different times. So God’s dealing with one servant will not necessarily be his way of dealing with another. There is no uniform curriculum, one size fits all. Therefore it is wrong for us to press ourselves into another man’s mould. We are each of us the person God created, redeemed and called. So we must each of us be that person God has made us if we are to see our full potential in the service of God. It was here in Horeb, in the desert that God came, found his man, and called him.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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