Notes on the Exodus (23)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Slow Time (Chapter 3 Verses 1-4)

You may think the pace to be slow here. But God is not in a hurry, never. Nor ought we to be. Especially so when it comes to sending someone into ministry. There is a lot for a man to ponder, more so when they are young in the faith. It is all too common to hear of young converts pitched into Christian activity with no serious thought as to the seriousness, the solemness of the task. I had a very good example of this just today as I write. A church website advertising for prospective ministers. One, he must have a proven record, two, he must have a good sense of humour. What utter nonsense! Such an attitude explains why the Christian ministry is in such an appalling state today. It also reflects that the people who posted that advert have no concept of the solemnity of the task in hand, none whatever. All that seems to matter for some is that chap is mighty in word and action. Is it possible that they could be giving such a person over to the same condemnation as Satan, that of pride (1Timothy 3:5)? In the right manner there are questions that need to be asked. One is the person an ignoramus in regard to Christian truth, and worse is he content to remain so. Believe me, I have seen such appointed to positions of responsibility in ministry. Two, does he have clear understanding of truth. Three, does he have the ability to communicate that truth, simply, in a way folk can understand him?

You would think such would be the bare essentials. I know of a chap ended up in Seminary that couldn’t have explained to me where to get the bus into my town. And it’s almost right outside my door. There are of course many other questions that need to be asked. Is it evident that the person sincerely believes the truths he professes? Is there a measure of selflessness about the man, is he willing to give himself to and for others? Holiness of character is essential. Is he serious in his manner, being serious about the things of God doesn’t mean being joyless. He will never convince anyone else to take the word of God seriously if he doesn’t himself. Does he have a way of dealing with those who are not yet Christians in a sympathetic way (Hebrews 5:2)? So time must be taken, such matters should not be rushed, there is far, far too much at stake. Therefore you begin to see why God deals with his man in this way, separating from the world, getting him where he can hear God’s voice clearly. Why time is taken in preparing and testing him. It is in all this that God prepares one of the meekest men ever walked this earth (Numbers 12:3).

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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