Notes on the Exodus (21)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

And God Knew (Chapter 2 Verses 21-25)

I would guess that for the people it seemed like a long time, and that God had forgotten them. He hadn’t, his covenant still stands, he has a long, long memory v24. But he leaves them with their own contentment, self-made problems and their shallow spirituality, with its attendant pressures and pains. Not to mention the obvious injustices of their human work situation. So that in due time, a long time, forty years, which is of course is not even a noticeable blip on God’s calendar. Until the burden grows so great that groaned and cried out to the Lord. And God both saw and heard them v24-25. God is neither forgetful nor ignorant of the situation of his people. He remembers what he had promised them, but real loves waits until it can act for the full blessing of the one loved. God waited for the prayers of his people. We need to put that in the context of praying for revival.

But God recognised them as his folk v25. As he patiently waits for and prepares his servant, however the answer to the prayers of Israel, the serious, earnest prayers, was still to take a long time in coming. God is always ready to act, but are we? God is working, always, be assured of that, but do we discern his working, even in these dark days we find ourselves today? God appeared on behalf of his people and the first indication of that is the appearance of Moses. God sent them a deliverer, his man. The question is though, were his people ready? Were they ready to be good pupils, students, disciples? Only when the deliverer, Moses, and the people are prepared, will God call his man forward. Away from leading sheep in Midian to leading the flock of his people. But are they willing to learn, are they willing to be led. Are we (Matthew 11:28)? It is ever a privilege to share in God’s work, and there is always a great work to be done wherever God has placed us. To carry the gospel forward and hand the baton on to the next generation and advance the kingdom of God. But our need today is to seriously, earnestly seek the Lord, cry out to him. When the time comes will we be ready to move forward, to give ourselves to him in sacrificial service (1Corinthians 15:58)?

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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