Notes on the Exodus (20)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Preparing the Leader and People (Chapter 2 Verses 21-25)

Moses learns only as he is willing to be nothing, it’s then God can take him and make something of him. In naming his son v22, Moses expresses not a longing for Egypt, but for his own people, Israel. It is here in the context of family life that learns to be a pastor. Moses is, before anything else, the guardian of his own wife’s spiritual welfare. That surely is the calling of every Christian man, whether he be called to ministry or not. In all the business of modern life, harassed by work schedules, in and out of the home, being a father to the kids, with all that that entails. In the milieu of all that it is so very easy for family worship, for spiritual things to be neglected. Man, in spite of all the modern thinking, and life in the fast lane, has the God-given duty to ensure his wife has the opportunity to attend worship services, regularly, and have fellowship with other Christian folk. If we’re not spiritually right here at this point in our commitment to the Lord, we’ll not be right elsewhere. Whilst Moses is learning all this in the back of the desert and family life, God is meanwhile preparing his people back in Egypt, for their deliverance.

The indications that this is so, is that they are beginning to groan, to God v23. This preparation is necessary before Moses can even begin his work. It is needful for the next stage of Israel’s development. Whether there is a prepared leader or not, even if the man has all the God-given wisdom needed, it’s not enough. Yes, even if he is willing to make all the necessary sacrifices, the people to whom he is sent must themselves be prepared. So in Egypt things grow worse. They’re quite happy that Moses struck the Egyptian, a blow for justice, great! So long as they don’t get the blame for it. But interference in one of their own domestic quarrels? They resent it, who does Moses think he is? And to tell them what to do, they think not. This is of course the predominant attitude amongst the majority of Christians in the West today. They object to being led, democracy reigns, okay? They call their Minister their leader, fine, good, as long as he doesn’t expect to lead them anywhere. This democracy that we’ve produced, you would be hard pressed to justify from Scripture. Show me for instance where you find a church business meeting in the Bible, where just about everything, to the colour of the Ministers tie, or whether he should wear one or not, is found? God gives to his church Ministers, Elders and Deacons, to lead the church. But of course people who don’t or won’t be led, cannot be led. So God has work hard-ball with the people, they have to come to the place where they are prepared to be led out of Egypt.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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