Notes on the Exodus (19)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

God Finishes What He Begins  (Chapter 2 Verses 16-22)

We must keep in mind that Moses, though portrayed as a mighty figure in redemptive history, is also so very and truly human. It is, if we keep them in mind, from the experiences of our own blunders, we have an idea as to how he is feeling at this point v15. He runs in fear. But he has this dogged spirit, he persevered, an attitude we all need. This is the victorious principle of faith in action, the overcoming factor. He knew that he had acted on impulse, a natural reaction. But he had identified with God’s people, don’t forget the cost involved in that, the lost privileges, the possibilities that could have been his. This is akin to the apostle Paul later who forsook all in order to gain Christ (Philippians 3:4-11). There is yet a cost to be counted is there not for all who would embrace the gospel in obedience (Luke 14:25-33). Subject seldom heard from pulpits today. As with many other aspects of truth we are frightened to death of upsetting folk. Moses knew full the implications of his actions. He knew whom he was going to serve, he had thought it through. Have you? We find him here now at the well in the land of Midian v15b. And here again he rises in defence of these defenceless women folk v16f, you see the moral courage that the man has. Courage, remember, is not the absence of fear, it’s doing the right thing in spite of fear.

Moses is aware of God’s call upon his life. However at this stage he doesn’t know how it will work out, he trusts God. Don’t miss how he learned to stay in Midian for the time being, he was content there v21. For there were things that he needed to learn here. But the important thing is he doesn’t rebel against God’s providence. Things had gone wrong but there is no sulk because it didn’t work as he had thought it perhaps should have. No thinking that God had let him down or had dealt harshly with him. He shows grace and meekness in helping these women v17, and it opens a door for him. It’s here in Midian, in the hum-drum of obscurity and family life that God prepares this man for future service. Was he tempted to think it was all over? That his destiny to lead Israel had just been a dream? Was he tempted to abandon all thoughts of future spiritual service? Did he sometimes wonder as we do, what was God doing? Oh God was working, God’s mind hadn’t changed one iota. God was teaching and preparing him. It wasn’t over by any stretch of the imagination, it had only just begun. No, and he is not done with you either, God will not be satisfied until his ultimate purpose for every one of his children has been accomplished. The destiny of every one of God’s elect is to be conformed to image of his Son (Romans 8:29). Nothing will hinder that, he who began this good work in you will bring it to completion, you can be assured of that (Philippians 1:6).

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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