Notes on the Exodus (17)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The Sense of Call (Chapter 2 Verses 11-15)

The narrator seems to deliberately leave out the interim years, and brings us to Moses and his identification with his people. We would like to know about those years, human inquisitiveness. But the Bible’s not interested in man, this about God and the realising of his kingdom and covenant. Moses is forty years old by this time (Acts 7:22). That Moses is not ignorant of his ancestry is made clear, in the fact that he goes out to his own people v11. His identity with Israel doubtless results from his being taught the promise of God and obviously believing them. Was this the result of his being taught at his mother’s knee? Along with this God-given faith is an awareness of the purpose of God for his life. Perhaps he thought that the Israelites would have had the same awareness and recognise him as their deliverer (Acts 7:25). He is away ahead of himself, there is a naivety here. He had lived in comfort, studied at the Egyptian court, but he hadn’t a clue what it meant to suffer the humiliation of slave labour. Yes, he is one of and with them, but as he offers himself as their liberator here and suffers rejection, it’s totally unexpected. But a very important choice has already been made. We already we begin to see a something of the strength and also the impetuous character of the man. He is not ready yet, his action is an ill-timed, and badly executed attempt at revolution.

God’s deliverance will come, but neither his man nor his people are ready yet. Moses attempt is to deliver now! God’s people are stiff-necked and at the point of refusing deliverance, as we will see. But. behind Moses act lies that very definite choice of faith, to throw his lot in with God’s people. This is no small thing, behind that faith lies a rejection of Egypt and a fearlessness of the king. By faith his eyes are upon a better reward (Hebrews 11:24-27). But he has jumped the gun. He is not yet called and appointed. He is a bit like the apostle Peter, he thinks he can accomplish the Lord’s work with his petty little sword. But do remember, he acted on behalf of his people, and he was wiling to put himself at risk for them. Moses is man with a great heart, but it needs cultivating, like us he has a great Teacher, who will reveal himself to Moses. God is going to produce in Moses one of the mightiest men of redemptive history. We are too quick to write folk off, ourselves included. When God takes hold of a person he finishes what he begins (Philippians 1:6). When Moses tries to mediate between the Hebrews he finds them bitter and resentful, he is just a meddler v14. But this is an important point in his history, He has deliberately taken sides against Egypt and its ruler, and in that deliberate act places himself firmly on God’s side with his people. Question is, on whose side are you on, the world’s or Egypt’s? Have you consciously, deliberately and clearly made that choice, to separate yourself unto God?

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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