Notes on the Exodus (14)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

God’s Protection
(Chapter 2 Verses 3-4)

Faith overrules fear, and the world (1John 5:4). It comes the time when a healthy baby can no longer be hidden v3. So entrusted the child to God. There is a lot of sentimental stuff written about this, the mother’s love and the beauty of the child, but the Bible makes it clear it is not affection or infatuation, but faith. Faith is the main-spring of their action here (Hebrews 11:23). Where does faith come from (Romans 10:17). from hearing the word of God. There must have been direct divine communication, the family were directed by God and in obedience trusted him. In evil days we must learn to do the same. It was the same in Noah’s day, Noah heard the word of coming judgment because of the wickedness of his generation, so he builds the ark. He is laughed to scorn doubtless, no water to be seen, but here is this fool, in the eyes of the world anyway, building a boat. Until the water comes down and the water comes up! Noah heard the word God, he believed and obeyed it. And so today, our place in every  circumstance of life, we are required to trust in God’s given written revelation. The person who does so knows God’s protection, as did the family of Moses. No one is ever a loser who takes God at his word.

But such faith also brings salvation. In faith they defied the king and hid the child. This does not mean parental affections were stifled, that there would be no struggle or difficulty with this. We are talking about real people here, flesh and blood the same as you and I. The working out of their faith is a very real drama-filled situation. Faith takes the direction that is sometimes not fully understood at the time. A crocodile infested river, death by drowning perhaps, it’s fraught with danger. But they let the child go and trusted God for the outcome. Perhaps in not quite the same way, but you find yourself in a similar situation, you cannot save your own child? You reared and taught your child as best you could, now you see only too clearly the dangers that child is now facing. An ungodly society, perhaps he or she could be devoured, or drowned in a sea of drug-abuse, drunkenness, immorality, every kind of evil that this modern age presents? But there comes a time when you’ve done all you can, you have no choice but to let the child go and to trust God. Of course you will only know how this feels if you have felt the pain of a prodigal’s parents, there is no pain like it. But the path of faith and obedience is the only routed for the Christian. We must go on, continue to believe that God is good, full of great mercy, he will always do what is right.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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