Notes on the Exodus (12)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The Deliverer is Born (Chapter 2 Verses 1-4)

Moses is a great character, unequalled in the Old Testament. He of course held the unique status of mediator, in his office he was a prophet, priest and king. But then so to is ever believer. His life has many lessons for us, it is like a roller-coaster, a series of contrasts. As a child he was a slave, and the son of a princess. He was born in a hut, and lived in a palace. He born poor, and lived in wealth. He led an army, but he also kept sheep. He was a warrior, and the meekest of men. He was educated at court, and he lived in a desert. He had the wisdom of Egypt, and also the faith of a child. He was tempted to sin, but live in integrity. He wielded the rod of a shepherd, and of mighty power. He was a fugitive from Pharaoh, and he was an envoy of heaven. He died on top of a mountain, and he appears on top of another mountain with Jesus. No one assisted at his funeral, God himself buried him. This is the history of God delivering his people. The king, Pharaoh, and his afflicting of God’s people, are simply instruments of God’s to accomplish the exodus, the going out of his people.

The birth of Moses, its timing and its circumstances also, all is of God. All men are his creations, the rich and the poor alike (Proverbs 22:2). The Lord makes all things for himself (Proverbs 16:4). All things are created through him and to him (Colossians 1:16b). His sovereign dominion stretches over over every single thing in the world, he works all things according to his counsel (Ephesians 1:11). Every minute belongs to him, he owns everything in all creation, and every facet of life is of him. God declares that, whatever is under the whole heaven is his (Job 41:11). The greatness, the power, the glory, the victory and the majesty are his. God’s sovereign rule extends to the ends of the earth, every soul, every generation. Therefore, the Lord our God and Creator, rules over all (Psalm 103:19). So for such a time as this Moses is born. With the plans of this earthly ruler, Pharaoh, from a human perspective, it’s not a good time to born a male child. Can God’s deliverer, can the church survive this holocaust? God is looking for faith, the faith that overcomes the world (1John 5:4). God is still looking for such faith today.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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