Notes on the Exodus (11)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

The Birth Control Measures (Chapter 1 Verses 15-22)

It’s genocide, stark ruthlessness. The economic measures with the altered employment contracts failed, so now plan ‘B’ kicks in, birth control. It is both secretive and murderous. But cooperation from the mid-wives is necessary for this one. Being summoned by such high powers, it is quite possible to intimidate the best of people. But it’s not hard to see who is behind this fiendish plot, the ‘serpent’s’ hostility to the seed of the woman, Satan. Suppose this effort were to succeed? The channel through which the promised Redeemer is to come would be destroyed. If all the Hebrew males are destroyed, no David, no Jesus, no Saviour. It is the powers of darkness that are the driving force behind Pharaoh here, and the same tactics we see behind the edicts of Herod later on (Matthew 2:16). When men begin to interfere with the process of birth, life and death, albeit in terms of abortion, genetics or euthanasia, they are moving into an area fraught with danger. These developments are usually always without reference to God. The results are incalculable. The effects on future generations will be horrific.

The midwifes here are women of faith, of integrity (Hebrews 11:23), they rightly refuse to obey the king’s edict. No, they don’t speak the truth in answer to Pharaoh’s question v18-19. It is very easy for us to criticise them, but put yourself in their shoes, what would you have done, said? Do remember this is a time in the history of redemption when there is a barrenness of spirituality amongst God’s people, little teaching of God’s ways. The concern of these women is of the higher principle, the saving, the preservation of human life. To tell the truth in order to further the murder of children would be sin. Plan ‘B” fails, so Pharaoh turns to Plan ‘C.’ Enlistment and manipulation of public opinion v22. He gets the public on his side, not hard to do either, especially today. The modern application is obvious. How much happens in the UK today, that back in the day would have been totally unacceptable? Simply because the public’s opinions are now devoid of any biblical teaching, principles. So the king’s edict is seen as acceptable, even Israel had to obey (Acts 7:19). But God frustrates Plan ‘C’ also. God’s patience with vessels of wrath is totally amazing (Romans 9:22). The midwives are blessed of God v20, God declares them righteous, because they acted out of faith, they feared God v21. God is as he promised his people then, to be dynamically, actively present with them, to deliver them. And he will do so in every age, to the end of the age. Trust and fear him alone.

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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