Notes on the Exodus (9)

“Exposing the Exodus”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

New Legislation (Chapter 1 Verses 9-12)

The new government sees a need to curb the Israelites, so a policy of ethnic cleansing is adopted. It is put into operation by means of employment legislation and reduced circumstances. Doubtless there would be a remnant among the Israelites who would have clung to the promises given, who watched and prayed. What the previous dynasty saw as an asset (Genesis 47:6), this new one sees as a problem, a danger. A large, incredibly prolific colony of foreigners living in the delta region, which was previously unfashionable territory, but now desirable. The very hub of the new dynasty’s plans? They must deal with this and be seen to be justified in doing so. They chose fear as their justifying motive, it’s called scare-tactics, it’s a good tool (v9). Scare-mongering, alarmists, WMD’s. If they can instil a fear of the Jews in the hearts of their own people? Job’s done. So the propaganda machine goes into operation (v10). To get a nation running scared overnight’s not such a hard thing to do, when you control the media and all its outlets.

This new wave of fear, dread even, is moving fast. The word grieved (v12), speaks of loathing, abhorrence, a dreadful fear. But Israel are a long way from crying to God. Yet God is at work and is least seen when powers of ill are most abroad, and on the field when most invisible. We have to learn what God is like. Why do we forget so easy, surely the devil’s behind this? He has promised us his love would never fail (Romans 8:35-39). Egypt is a representation of the world-power and the driving force behind this new regime is Satan, the adversary of God’s people in any age. Yet ultimately this is all for God’s own glory. God raised Pharaoh  for his own purpose, to show his sovereign power, his glory, his name on earth (Romans 9:17). So new legislation kicks in, contracts of employment are altered for the Israelites. What will be the end of this for God’s dear folk?

(© James R Hamilton, written Spring, 2015)

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