Notes on Romans (69)

“Wrestling With Romans”

The way, the truth and the life!
The way, the truth and the life!

Who Dares to Accuse Us?  
(Chapter 8 Verses 28-39)

The question can be answered in the positive (v33), there are those who would seek to accuse us. But their efforts are negated by God’s justification, none of their charges will stand. So who would accuse us? We ourselves for starters (1John 3.19-21). Then there would be the devil, doesn’t he just love to accuse us (Revelation 12.10b). The world likes to put the knife in too, we’re never good enough for them, hypocrites that’s what they call us. Then there’s other Christians, sometimes we wonder if they’re not the worst, but do let it be said, when we’re accusing other Christians we’re no more like the devil than at any other time, what a title to bear, “the accuser of the brethren” (Revelation 12.10)? Ugh! Who are you to accuse when God acquits? Who are you to say guilty? When God justifies? God’s chosen are constantly justified, the blood of Jesus God’s own Son cleanses, and cleanses, and cleanses, from ‘all’ sin (1John 1.7). No God doesn’t ignore the sins of his chosen, he doesn’t brush them under the carpet, he forgives them for Jesus’ sake, he daily, richly, abundantly forgives all our sins. So if you want to be more like God, be forgiving. For when you’re doing that you’re more like God than at any other time (Luke 6.36-37).

For your accusation to stand, you would have to bring it before God and overcome his judgment. You would have to prove the person whom you are accusing wasn’t one of God’s chosen loved ones after all, but the very opposite. If you’re accusing a fellow Christian you’re virtually coming to God and saying. “God, you got it wrong, this isn’t one of your elect after all”. Well, you would never put it in those terms, would you? You’d quite happily argue with another Christian but you wouldn’t take God on, now, would you? Do you remember how this chapter started? No condemnation (v1)! For those in Jesus, none at all. O we’re sinful, no argument there, but forgiven sinners, accepted sinners. Now if God has cleared you in his court, lift up your head, straighten those shoulders, and walk like a child of God. Leave the whisperers to God, let the devilish monsters who point the fingers and seek to rob you of your God-given peace and joy, let them answer to him. O child of heaven, live in the full freedom and enjoyment of that wonderful, wonderful forgiveness so graciously given, and so expensively purchased (v32). It’s your right (Isaiah 54.17).

(© James R Hamilton, written September, 1997)

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